Noticias desde BirdLife 11-11-2013

11/08/2013 A new era of cooperation for the BirdLife International Partnership in China

The beginning of a new era in formal cooperation between BirdLife International and China has begun with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the BirdLife International Partnership and the China Ornithological Society.

11/06/2013 Establishing Joulter Cays IBA as a National Park in the Bahamas

The National Audubon Society (BirdLife in the USA) and Bahamas National Trust (BirdLife in the Bahamas) are working together to establish a new national park on the Joulter Cays IBA, a group of small uninhabited islands and in

11/06/2013 Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas going mobile

People who visit IBAs are our eyes and ears on the ground. And we need your help to monitor and protect some of the best sites for wildlife on the planet, by informing a new project to produce a mobile app…

11/04/2013 Record numbers of White-shouldered Ibis in Cambodia

A record number of White-shouldered Ibis have been recorded in the wild in Cambodia, making the known global population larger than previous studies suggested.

11/01/2013 How connected to nature are you?

Jumping into big messy piles of yellow-orange leaves. Climbing trees with spongy moss-covered bark. Discovering insects under logs. Splashing in puddles. Listening to birds singing and swooping overhead. Camping under the stars.

11/01/2013 Lake Natron Bulletin continues to provide information to thousands

The Lake Natron Update Bulletin for October 2013 is out.  The latest issue highlights continued interest by the Government of Tanzania to build a soda ash plant at Lake Natron, the most important breeding site for Lesser Flamingos