Noticias desde Birdlife 13-07-2014

07/10/2014 Regional Court stops construction of Serengeti Road


07/10/2014 Serbian Saker decreasing despite intense efforts


Pigeon breeders, farmers, poachers and strong winds: the many threats to the rare Falcon.

07/04/2014 Migratory bird ecology awarded € 2.5 million research boost through Theunis Piersma


Professor Theunis Piersma has been awarded The Spinoza Prize for work on migratory bird ecology, find out what this means and watch his video.

07/03/2014 Ringed Marsh Harrier from Netherlands triggers awareness of migratory birds in Mabang, Sierra Leone


On 7th February 2014, a farmer called Sullay Kanu who lives in Komrabai mabela, Kolifa Mabang Chiefdom in Tonkolili District Northern Sierra Leone, captured an Eurasian Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginos on his farm (a floodplain with some water pools that contains fish and some a


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