Noticias desde BirdLife 13 May 2015

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05/11/2015 BirdLife launches #itsmynature campaign

Today we launch our campaign “It’s my nature” (#itsmynature). We have chosen this motto for a million reasons. Here are just three: 1) From the beginning of the modern economy we have called our natural resources “Common goods”. They belong to all of us, each and every one of us. Air, water,…


05/11/2015 NatureWatch App Launched! Watch nature, share moments, conserve sites

NatureWatch is a new iPhone App from BirdLife International which allows you to plan your wildlife adventures, share your experiences, and help conserve some of the best sites for wildlife in the world. “Covering 533 Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas in Australia, Cyprus, Fiji, Lebanon,…


05/11/2015 Africa begins Journey to Combat Illegal Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora

Experts from governments, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), African Union (AU), Regional Economic Commissions, civil society organisations and donors met in Brazzaville to develop an African Strategy to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade to coordinate action across the continent.


05/11/2015 Nature alert. Commission alerted

It’s a tale of two miracles. The first: over 100 NGOs, in 28 European capitals, are launching a campaign today to stop Juncker’s attack against the laws that protect Nature. The second? By re-reading the Directives we’ve rediscovered an idea of Europe we can love: one of a community that protects its nature.

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05/11/2015 The challenge of bringing marine wildlife back in EU waters

Member States urgently need to implement the marine Natura 2000 network and underpin it with concrete measures that will give our seabirds a fighting chance against the growing threats they face at sea.


05/11/2015 Four good reasons to defend the Nature Directives

By the time the 1970s hit Europe, one had to go to remote corners to be surrounded by nature and see spectacular wildlife such as eagles, pelicans and large mammals. Centuries of persecution and habitat loss had taken its toll. But over the last decades the landscape has changed dramatically and species that were low in number are coming back….

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05/11/2015 Red herrings, Trojan horses and booby traps: debunking 5 myths and lies on the “need to overhaul” nature protection laws

Beneath a thin veil of “better regulation”, what is really happening is a concerted attack on nature conservation. Any reopening of the Birds and Habitats Directives would damage conservation. Anyone saying the opposite is either tragically naïve, or in seriously bad faith.


05/11/2015 Hungary’s nature is in peril

Hungary is about to approve a law that will transfer land management rights from nature conservation organizations to a central Land Agency which has economic rather than conservation interests. If approved the new legislation is likely to damage centuries of nature conservation traditions and…


05/08/2015 A sustainable future for birds and energy

World Migratory Bird Day 2015 aims to highlight the importance of deploying energy technologies in a way that prevents, minimises and mitigates impacts on migratory birds and their habitats.


05/07/2015 Women in Conservation: Peace, love and mushrooms!

This fifth article in the series about ‘women in conservation’ describes how economic development of women at the Echuya Forest Reserve in Uganda, reduces pressures on the forest – and stress in their homes.