Noticias desde BirdLife 15-06-2014

06/12/2014 IUCN Red List raises more red flags for threatened species


The IUCN Red List, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, now includes 73,686 assessed species, of which 22,103 are threatened with extinction.

06/11/2014 Friends of Association Djibouti Nature unite to ensure long-term sustainability of the organisation


Association Djibouti Nature, our Partner in the north-east African country of Djibouti, shows that size doesn’t matter when it comes to effectively working for nature and people.

06/11/2014 Support saves forgotten Monarch


The fire ants and devastating rains hit as the funding dried up, but thanks to your huge support Critically Endangered Tahiti Monarch is having its best ever breeding season.

06/10/2014 World Migratory Bird day celebrations in Kasese District, Uganda


On 10th May 2014 a group of conservation organizations gathered at the Katwe Eco-tourism centre (KATIC) ground in Katwe-Kabatooro town council, Kasese District Uganda to mark the World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD).

06/09/2014 Rules work: national legislation benefits Eastern Europe’s birds


New scientific evidence confirms that legal protection of bird species do work. A recent study focusing in Eastern Europe shows that the rate of decline of protected species was approximately halved after the onset of protection.

06/06/2014 SAVE Brasil recognised for over a decade of work to save Atlantic forest


The Atlantic forest of South America could merit an award for many reasons. An award for being an outstanding biological centre of endemism – so many unique animals and plants in one area.

06/05/2014 Industry must act now to safeguard biodiversity threatened by limestone quarrying, say NGOs


Limestone is needed for industry; limestone habitats are essential for the survival of vulnerable and irreplaceable species. A new paper targets the extraction industry to give these species a conservation boost.

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