Noticias desde BirdLife 16-Nov-2014

11/14/2014 Hundreds of important sites for nature threatened with destruction

More than 350 of the planet’s most important sites for nature are threatened with being lost forever according to a new report by BirdLife International.

11/14/2014 First full migration census in southern Turkey of Egyptian Vulture and other raptors

Turkey is one of the few countries in the world that has a large breeding population of Egyptian Vultures, estimated at 1,000 – 3,000 pairs. Doğa Derneği, BirdLife Partner in the country, is aware of its responsibility in the protection of the species and has initiated research to assess its conservation status in Turkey.

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11/13/2014 Is the EU today’s biggest threat to Southern US forests?

On the occasion of the National Day of Action, thousands of people across the US are coming together today to put out a call to save US Southern Forests.

11/12/2014 Green or greenwashed? President Juncker put to the test

The environmental mobilisation has reached the corridors of power. Here are the tests, in the next semester, for the new Commission to show they are not ignoring civil society and progressive businesses.

11/10/2014 Hopes are raised as global agreements aim to make world a safer place for migratory birds

Two new global agreements have been reached that will help save migratory bird species across the world.

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