Noticias desde BirdLife 17-03-2014

03/14/2014 Flyways race is raising vital funds for migrant birds

 Fourteen teams of adrenalin charged birders will step boldly into the Israeli night at midnight on 31 March, as they cross the start line of a unique, new, bird race.

03/13/2014 Coffee and conservation project launches in Puerto Rico

A new project in Puerto Rico is providing local people with training in sustainable agriculture, shade-grown coffee, water conservation and bird monitoring and reporting.

03/12/2014 Local Communities oppose renewed Natron soda ash exploration

Over 18,000 residents of Engaruka area of Lake Natron, Tanzania, are up in arms against a government plan to build a soda ash factory in the area.

03/10/2014 Commercial development threatens Ulcinj Salinas in Montenegro

For the past two years CZIP (Birdlife in Montenegro) has been fighting a battle against the conversion of Ulcinj Salinas into a tourist-development complex. The Ulcinj Salinas are an irreplaceable habitat for birds on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea, and one of the most important habitats on the Adriatic flyway. They are home to over 250…

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03/07/2014 Grid operators and NGOs demand EU ambition on renewables

National governments agree that greenhouse gas emissions must go down, but disagree on the policy details.