Noticias desde BirdLife 17-Jun-2015

In this issue:

06/15/2015 Drawing attention to the plight of the Saiga through school mural painting

The Saiga and other species from the steppes of Kazakhstan Rory McCann’s account of working with BirdLife Partner the Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan (ACBK) on a community art project showcasing the Saiga antelope and other animals of the steppe lands of Kazakhstan.


06/15/2015 Operation Restoration – island update #2

The second update from the field in our huge Acteon & Gambier Island Restoration Operation.


06/14/2015 Conservation should not be seen as a burden

The Ramsar Convention has adopted a new Strategic Plan to guide national and international actions from 2016-2024. The adoption is to be celebrated. Its scope ranges from wetlands restoration to the responsibility for sustainability in promoting fisheries and agriculture in wetlands, as well as the…


06/12/2015 Operation Restoration underway: restoring a Pacific paradise – island update #1

One of BirdLife’s most adventurous projects. The largest conservation project in French Polynesia ever. An incredibly remote location. A huge number of species to benefit. Six rare and endangered bird species to be saved. An enormous logistical challenge. Helicopter. Boats. GPS. Storms. Lightning. And wildlife. Restoring a tropical paradise in…

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06/12/2015 Extractives industries in Africa: Blessing or Curse?

Africa holds a huge proportion of the world’s natural resources and the impact that the extractive Industry is having on biodiversity, ecosystems and local communities is a great concern. Across Africa, case studies abound in which extraction of minerals, forest products, oil and gas has left devastated landscapes and disillusioned communities….

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06/12/2015 Protection for key nature sites in the Bahamas

Five new National Parks totally 8,500 hectares have been established on San Salvador island in the Bahamas


06/08/2015 Superabundant bird decline mirrors Passenger Pigeon

One of Eurasia’s most abundant bird species has declined by 90% and retracted its range by 5000 km since 1980 a new study shows.


06/08/2015 All you have to do…is listen to the birds

My name is Patricia Zurita, CEO of BirdLife International. I am an economist (a green one), originally from Ecuador and currently living in Cambridge. Let me quell immediately the anguish of those amongst you wondering what on earth a Latin American economist who lives in the UK, has to say about…


06/08/2015 «Juncker will soon abandon this course», says Stanley Johnson

“ Messing with the Nature Directives is unnecessary and dangerous. Juncker will soon abandon this course ”: Stanley Johnson interviewed. I f there is any such thing as a “father” to the Habitats Directive , the most ambitious piece of European legislation to protect species and habitats creating…


06/08/2015 Europe’s most ambitious conservation project

Crops and barren fields, alien invaders, and illegal killing have had a terrible impact on populations of Europe’s native bird species. So great, that nearly 13% are threatened with extinction. But the LIFE Euro SAP project, an ambitious effort led by Birdlife International, will soon help 16 of…