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11/20/2014 Inspiring hope through Ecosystem Restoration

The IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) named three conservation leaders from Indonesia, all involved at some point with BirdLife’s Partner Burung Indonesia, as the recipient of Kenton Mille

11/19/2014 International Young Conservationist Award for Malawi BirdLife Partner volunteer

The International Young Conservationist Award has been given to Tiwonge I Mz

11/18/2014 Conservation leaders look to the future at BirdLife Asia Partnership meeting

Leaders of the main national nature organisations from across Asia came together to work up plans for conserving biodiversity in their region at a recent meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand.
“Many of the conservation issues affecting biodiversity in our region are problems s

11/18/2014 Unique Kenyan forest at risk from oil and gas exploration

The largest remaining protected fragment of the East African Coastal forest– Arabuko-Sokoke Forest – is facing a new threat: seismic surveys for oil and gas.

11/18/2014 Serbian Bird Crime Task Force working at putting an end to the illegal bird trade

Many bird species in Serbia are subject to poaching and captivity for commercial reasons.

11/17/2014 Global appetite for resources pushing new species to the brink

Fishing, logging, mining, agriculture and other activities to satisfy our growing  appetite for resources are threatening the survival of the Pacific Bluefin Tuna, Chinese Pufferfish, American Eel and Chinese Cobra, while the destruction of habitat has caused the extinction of a Malaysian mollusc

11/17/2014 Up-to-date inventory of Important Bird Areas of Cyprus now available

BirdLife Cyprus recently released a new and updated version of their book Important Bird Areas of Cyprus, considered to be the most comprehensive, geographically complete and up-to-date catalogue of the most Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA) in the country.

11/17/2014 Egg collector is sent to jail with the collaboration of BirdLife Bulgarian and British Partners

When Jan Frederick Ross first moved from his native England to Bulgaria in 2004 escaping justice, he believed that continuing his illicit activities in the Balkan country would not cause him any problems. He kept collecting eggs illegally, disregarding the seriousness of the crime and the fact that sooner or later it could be uncovered.

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11/17/2014 BirdLife International uses new platform to tell conservation stories

BirdLife International has started using a new media-rich information sharing technology to tell its conservation stories in a more indepth and interactive way – beginning with the story of IBAs in Danger.

11/14/2014 Hundreds of important sites for nature threatened with destruction

More than 350 of the planet’s most important sites for nature are threatened with being lost forever according to a new report by BirdLife International.