Noticias desde Birdlife 24-02-2014

02/20/2014 CEPF grant to bring hunting in Lebanon under control

The Lebanese Environment Forum has received a CEPF large grant of over $180,000 to promote sustainable hunting practices in Lebanon, using a community-based approach.

02/14/2014 Environmentally harmful subsidies hiding behind environmental goals?

In January during the World Economic Forum in Davos we once again heard world leaders urging each other to phase out subsidies for fossil fuels citing reasons such as; they’re bad for the climate, make renewable energy development more expensive and are quite possibly propagating global poverty. The EU has already committed to getting rid.

02/14/2014 Participatory Rural Appraisal Training in Africa is a Great Success

  • “The forests around our village are important because they are our main source of fuel wood and medicines”
  • “The roads to our village are so bad that we can’t effectively market our fish and the prices we get locally are too low”
  • “Our fields and village gets flooded each rainy

02/14/2014 Meeting the challenge of change around the Mediterranean

A celebration of biodiversity hotspots, the “34 wonders of the world”, with an exhibition of posters lining the railings of Parisian streets, provided an exciting backdrop to a meeting for the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

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