Noticias desde BirdLife 25-11-13

11/22/2013 BirdLife’s Business & Biodiversity event showcases valuable corporate partnerships

 BirdLife Europe’s annual Business & Biodiversity event has been the starting point for many fruitful relationships with the corporate world.

11/20/2013 World Governments must commit to providing significant funds for climate change adaptation

 Ministers meeting at global climate talks in Warsaw should heed the lessons of past disasters

11/20/2013 Grants for conservation and communications projects in the Mediterranean

Call for Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) for small grants (up to $20,000) for biodiversity conservation and communication projects in the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) Mediterranean Basin Biodiversity Hotspot.

11/20/2013 Putting Action Plans in place to eradicate wildlife poisoning

According to the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, in a period of 10 years (2000-2010), over 6,500 birds have been killed in Spain.

11/20/2013 Electricity grid plans take a step forward for nature

Protecting wildlife and the environment has its exciting, beautiful moments, and occasionally its breakthroughs. These moments cheer us all up in the face of a relentless stream of bad news stories. So… it’s pretty heady stuff, working in conservation.

11/19/2013 Alpine farmers supporting biodiversity recovery

The opportunities that the EU rural development policy offers for biodiversity conservation were discussed at a recent conference in Turin, Italy.

11/19/2013 Audubon and Multilateral Investment Fund announce regional bird tourism and conservation programme

Audubon and the Multilateral Investment Fund re working together on a high-value sustainable birding tourism programme.

11/18/2013 NABU pushes for better air quality in European port cities

In Europe, an average of 500 people dies prematurely from air pollution every year. Several measures have been taken to regulate and control air pollution. However, many ports have been exempted.

11/18/2013 American experts alert EU politicians of bioenergy policy risks

In November BirdLife Europe and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) hosted Dogwood Alliance, an American NGO and Greenpeace Canada in Brussels.

11/18/2013 European Parliament takes a leap to halt subsidizing overfishing

 In October the European Parliament gave a massive boost to the future of Europe’s fisheries by voting against public funding being used to build new fishing vessels.  There is broad agreement that the EU has been subsidising a build-up of excessive fishing capacity, estimated by the European Comm