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10/24/2014 BirdLife South Africa’s Dr Ross Wanless wins Environmentalist of the Year award

Dr Ross Wanless, from BirdLife South Africa’s Seabird Conservation Programme and the BirdLife Marine Programme, has been awarded the prestigious SAB Environmentalist of the Year Award.

10/21/2014 BirdLife’s views on the outcomes of the 12th Conference on Biological Diversity in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

BirdLife International is broadly positive about the outcomes of the CBD COP12 that ended last Friday in South Korea.

10/20/2014 Watch the honeymoon of Cory’s Shearwaters from The Azores as it happens

All of us have at some time wondered how a baby feels to be slowly discovering the world. But do we ever wonder how it is for animals? Do we ever ask ourselves how little chicks find the courage to fly away from their nests? Thanks to the project Lua de mel no Corvo (Honeymoon in Corvo) by BirdLife Portuguese Partner Sociedade Portuguesa para o…

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10/20/2014 Autumn of discoveries: SOR welcomes new findings in the Romanian flora and fauna

For the Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR, BirdLife Partner) the autumn of 2014 will be remembered as one of the most rewarding periods since the society began its work in conservation. Two important discoveries have been made in the area of Romanian flora and fauna; our colleagues in SOR are proud to share them with the BirdLife…

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10/20/2014 Eurobirdwatch 2014 sees 2.5 million migrants in the air

On the weekend 4–5 October, over 23,000 people took part in the most exciting nature event of the autumn: the annual Eurobirdwatch. From Portugal to Kazakhstan, from Malta to Norway, BirdLife Partners invited people of all ages to discover and observe the fascinating migration of birds.

10/17/2014 Environmental groups welcome new global commitments to fund biodiversity conservation

Joint Statement from BirdLife International, Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy and WWF

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