Noticias desde Birdlife 28-03-2015

03/05/2015 CEMEX commits to long-term nature conservation across continents with BirdLife

BirdLife continue to work with CEMEX to better understand Golden Eagle in Mexico, protect Turtle Dove along their flyway and safeguard Rhinoceros Iguana in the Dominican Republic.

03/04/2015 New monkey species discovered in the Amazon Rainforest

Flaming orange tail and ochre sideburns set new Brazilian monkey apart from its closest relatives.

03/03/2015 Breathing New Life into a Quarry

Perhaps when you were a teenager you’ve snuck into an old quarry to take a quick dip to cool off on a hot summer day?

03/02/2015 100,000 Dutch Call to Preserve Meadow Landscapes and their Birds

“We must act now in order to save meadow birds and their habitats, and we must work together: the corporate sector, farmers, NGO’s, banks and governments.”

03/02/2015 Rare glimpse of elusive rail

James Bond’s bird lives to die another day

03/02/2015 Nature Film Competition! Apply Online by 10th March

The first International Nature Film Festival will be held this 14-17 May in Gödöllő, Hungary.

02/27/2015 The 2015 Champions of the Flyway race will take place 25th March 2015 – THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET INVOLVED!

In 2014, the Israel Ornithological Center (SPNI; BirdLife in Israel) and BirdLife International launched a new and exciting project – Cham

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