Noticias desde BirdLife 29-Abr-2015

04/23/2015 Women in Conservation: A nine-month journey towards more gender equality in Kenya

This fourth article in the series about ‘women in conservation’ describes how a nine-month project shook the decision-making fora related to conservation of the Kikuyu Escarpment forest IBA in Kenya: nobody can ‘forget’ the women anymore!

04/23/2015 Show that you care: support your favourite nature sites

Send in your “ gesture for nature ” to show that you care about Europe’s richest nature sites . May 21 st is Natura 2000 Day, celebrating Europe’s largest network of protected areas. Sadly, many of these places are not being protected and so are deteriorating and being destroyed every day. SEO/…

04/22/2015 Bird paradise in Montenegro now safe from developers

In a country where people flock to the seaside in waves in summer, it’s not surprising that developers had big dollar signs in their eyes when looking at the picturesque salt flats of Ulcinj Salina in Montenegro. These coastal wetlands, which for centuries have been one of the most important areas…

04/22/2015 BirdLife Partners await your support for the Natura 2000 Award

May 21 st is Natura 2000 Day, celebrating Europe’s largest network of nature areas protected by EU law. To mark the occasion, the European Commission is holding an awards ceremony in Brussels to praise best practices in nature conservation in Europe. A new addition to the event is the European…

04/20/2015 Make Spring come Alive in your garden or balcony this year!