Noticias desde Birdlife 3-Feb-2014

02/02/2014 Celebrating World Wetlands Day

February 2nd marks World Wetlands Day, the date of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands in the Iranian city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea (the so-called Ramsar Convention).

02/01/2014 Cambodian jewel protected

 The Royal Government of Cambodia has declared the creation of the Siem Pang Protected Forest.

01/31/2014 Invasive Alien Species: legislation turning into an empty shell

The members of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee want to allow derogations to the EU regulation aiming at addressing invasive alien species, plants and animals that are introduced into Europe and cause significant environmental, economic and health damages.

01/31/2014 Highlights from the world’s biggest conservation partnership

Last year was an important year for the BirdLife Partnership. Here we celebrate just a few highlights from our global partnership, and ask you to choose your favourite conservation success of 2013…

01/30/2014 Sudan ‘killer line’ disconnected

The notorious ‘killer’ power line from Port Sudan to the Red Sea coast has been switched off.

01/29/2014 Controversial wind farm in Lesotho gets the go-ahead

The controversial wind farm proposed for Lesotho’s Maluti-Drakensberg has received the go-ahead from the Lesotho Government.

01/27/2014 Indian Partner to establish Vulture Safe Zone in Madhya Pradesh


BNHS (BirdLife in India), in association with Rio Tinto and BirdLife International, is establishing a 30,000 square km Vulture Safe Zone in Madhya Pradesh.

01/27/2014 Restoration of a lost seabird community in Mauritius is gaining momentum

The Mauritian offshore islands, especially Round Island and Serpent Island, play an important role in supporting some of the largest breeding colonies of seabirds in the Indian Ocean.

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