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11/28/2014 Eco-restore blog: the new place to read and exchange about ecological restoration

Despite the work of conservation organisations new pieces of nature get destroyed every day and their value for wildlife is lost. The loss of biodiversity continues at a pace outstripping our efforts. To reverse this baneful trend we no longer can rely on nature protection alone.

11/26/2014 Say NO to birds in a cage and on a plate

BirdLife Partner SPEA launches a new campaign to stop the illegal capture and sale of birds in Portugal.


Are you aware that with the simple click of a mouse you can buy a Great Tit online?…

11/26/2014 Beautiful bird paradise in Armenia at risk after misuse of water resources

Imagine a place where the Armenian, Turkish, Iranian and Azerbaijani borders converge on the banks of the Araks River, a place home to 220 bird species, a place full of water, plants and animals.

11/25/2014 NABU develops a project on renewable energy in Germany

Renewable energy

11/25/2014 BirdLife report reveals shockingly poor protection of seabirds in the EU

Over 40% of marine Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (marine IBAs) in Europe are not protected, and two thirds of EU countries only protect 3% or less of their marine area (Territorial sea and Exclusive Economic Zones).

11/24/2014 Reprieve for unique Kenyan forest at risk from oil and gas exploration

Stop Press: Camac Energy has cancelled its plans at Arabuko-Sokoke Forest coastal forest amid fears that it

11/22/2014 122 important sites for nature threatened with destruction in Europe

More than 350 of the planet’s most important sites for nature are threatened with being lost forever according to a new report by BirdLife International.


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