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11/29/2013 Action for Amur Falcons brings hope for an end to hunting in Nagaland


Last year’s news of the massacre of Amur Falcons in India shocked the world. BirdLife’s Indian Partner BNHS moved immediately to mobilise a response. The trapping was stopped, nets destroyed and arrests made, although not before terrible damage had been done.

11/29/2013 Ecology now knocks out Lake Natron Soda Ash mining

 The proposed soda ash mining at Lake Natron has suffered another major blow as a new scientific study shows that such an activity would “almost certainly” wipe out the Lesser Flamingo population.  The study also shows that ninety per cent of the Lake is important for flamingo survival.  Lesser Fl

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11/26/2013 Some progress but distinct lack of ambition in Warsaw climate talks

 The climate talks in Warsaw during the last two weeks presented governments with a prime opportunity to change path, but they missed it. Once again, the climate talks were undermined by economic interests and short-sightedness.

11/26/2013 Red List for Birds 2013: Number of Critically Endangered birds hits new high

 The number of bird species listed as Critically Endangered has reached an all-time high

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