Noticias desde BirdLife 7-Sep-2014

09/05/2014 Vultures in Africa and Europe could face extinction within our lifetime warn conservationists

BirdLife International – the world’s largest conservation partnership – has announced that vultures have rapidly become one of the most threatened families of birds on the planet.

/03/2014 Critically endangered Mascarene Petrel discovered at sea and unique image captured of bird with its egg.

An expedition to find the Critically Endangered Mascarene Petrel at sea have photographed a female bird where the egg is an obvious protrusion in the contour of her underbody.

09/03/2014 EU biomass policy: from denial to action

As the streets and corridors of Brussels were slowing down and luggage for holidays was being filled up over the last days of July, the European Commission finally found the courage to publish its new assessment of the sustainability of bioenergy in the EU.

09/02/2014 World Migratory Bird Day 2014: Stakeholders Pledge to Protect Lake Natron

The Government of Tanzania has pledged to accord a higher protection status to the Lesser Flamingo breeding grounds of Lake Natron.

09/01/2014 A message from Martha

On September 1st 1914, when a Passenger Pigeon named Martha died in Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio, USA, the world lost its most abundant bird species for ever.

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