Noticias desde BirdLife 8-6-2014

06/06/2014 SAVE Brasil recognised for over a decade of work to save Atlantic forest


The Atlantic forest of South America could merit an award for many reasons. An award for being an outstanding biological centre of endemism – so many unique animals and plants in one area.

06/05/2014 Industry must act now to safeguard biodiversity threatened by limestone quarrying, say NGOs


Limestone is needed for industry; limestone habitats are essential for the survival of vulnerable and irreplaceable species. A new paper targets the extraction industry to give these species a conservation boost

06/05/2014 Unique Turkish archaeological and natural heritage threatened – help us preserve it!


The Beşparmak Dağları mountains, known as “Latmos” in antiquity, are one of the most fascinating and archaeologically richest regions in western Turkey.

06/04/2014 Canadian BirdLife Partners launch new IBA video


It’s Canadian Environment Week, held in the first week of June to coincide with World Environment Day and World O

06/03/2014 Community Resource Planning in Lutembe and Mabamba Bays, Uganda


Two local conservation groups in Uganda; one in Lutembe bay (Lutembe bay Wetland Users Association) and one in Mabamba bay (Mabamba bay Wetland Eco-tourism Association) have been undertaking a resource planning activity to inform the development of Community Action Plans.

06/03/2014 The power of many: protecting migratory birds in the Mediterranean


When you think from the perspective of a migratory bird flying over the Mediterranean, facing a multitude of threats, it is clear that a coordinated multi-national response is needed. A recent workshop in Cyprus coordinated just that.

06/02/2014 Putting nature on the map: giving guidance to governments


A new publication is helping governments with spatial data and mapping to make it easier for them to reach their promised targets for biodiversity.

05/30/2014 Rules, business and the environment: CEMEX and BirdLife jointly endorse EU Nature Directives


On May 27, in the presence of EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik, BirdLife Europe and